Forever Foster – Grampa *deaf*

Picture of adoptable rescue dog Grampa
Senior Male Large Mix Spayed/Neutered Up-to-date with routine shots Housetrained Special Needs

***Update: Grampa found his forever home and was made a Wagging Dog Rescue forever foster in January, 2018.

Meet WDR’s Grampa! This sweet guy is an ancient, deaf, low slung 70 pounder who’s stolen the hearts of everyone he’s met. Like so many dogs who are ‘thrown away’ after a lifetime of loving service, his only flaw is old age and some of the ailments that accrue with years.

His bones are arthritic, especially in the back end, and he was diagnosed with leaky gut. The right meds and the best nutrition have made a huge impact, and we think he’s got plenty of quality time left. He saw our fave holistic vet for advice on his raw diet and supplements, and ideally his future family will be totally into canine nutrition so they can continue with his raw regimen. Grampa is available to be adopted by a big-hearted forever family, or placed as a Forever Foster Dog with Wagging Dog Rescue.

Gramps is, well, a lot like my Gramps (or your Gramps). He snores away most of the day but, unlike my Grampa, this one loooves his walks. If he feels they’re overdue, he will GALLOP to the front door to get your attention. 🙂 Just once around the block, 2-3 times a day, is all he asks for and then it’s back to snoring. He also puts his Game Face on for company and seems to be especially drawn to men (and those who throw him cookies are the best!). Other favorite hobbies include chewing on antlers, sticking his nose out of the car window, and catching airborne treats faster than you’d believe possible for an old guy lol.

Even when he’s snoozing, our docile Grampa dog really appreciates having people around. He’s fine being home alone for a few hours while you’re at work but he’d really rather be in whatever room you are, unobtrusively snuggled in a soft bed and offering unlimited moral support. He’d be soooo happy if he found folks who were home a lot, worked from home or were retired!

Gramps is great with dogs and cats and probably just about all other life forms. He’s super tolerant of his furry companions but also willing to say “Enough!”. We’d like to see him in a calm home environment with older children if any and mellow energy companion dogs too so he doesn’t get bowled over by youthful exuberance. Too many stairs are difficult so a one-story ground level accommodation is preferred. We know he enjoys his foster home backyard and would like for him to have one in his future home too.. According to his Foster Parents, “He doesn’t mind being dressed up, or living with a bossy Chihuahua, or walking in the rain, or getting his regular shots of Adequan (once a month), or having his feet or ears cleaned. He’s really an easy dog to be around.” All he asks for is love.

Contact us today if you’re the big-hearted family Gramps has been waiting for or if you’d like to know more about being a Forever Foster Parent!

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