Remember that cute kid from Jerry Maguire? We may have found his canine counterpart in Macklemore. Our boy Mac is adorkable – the goofy smile with that toothy underbite, his big brown orbs, that little skip in his step when he walks, and the way his paws sound like a snare drum when he gets excited and chases his toys. Brings a smile to your face every time 🙂

And the way he rocks his Mohawk.

(His foster dad tells us he’s even hilarious when he pees – “Like a karate master!”)

I mean. Could this 10-pound pup BE any cuter? (We don’t think it’s possible). Heads turn wherever his foster fam takes him, and Macklemore takes all of the compliments graciously.

At home, Mac enjoys playing with puzzles (especially if they’re filled with chicken) and will chase his Kong around, tail flying in the air, until he gets the treat inside. Very smart and very terrier, he needs a confident human leader and once you have that down, he’s ready to be your very best friend forever.

Did we mention Mr. Mannerly? Totally housebroken (Mac gets the ZERO ACCIDENT Award!), crate trained (prefers 3-sided coverage), quiet (rarely barks), and a total dream on leash – Mac has all the basics under his karate belt plus a few tricks to boot. He knows sit, wait and down (but you’d better be forthcoming with the chicken!).

Macklemore is selective with his doggie friends and prefers unrushed, proper introductions. That goes for humans too. He’s reserved around new people, slightly sensitive to noise, and prefers slow and gentle contact until trust is established. What can we say? He’s choosy about those he hangs out with. We are too!

Mac is looking for a quiet adult home with low foot traffic, with or without a yard. He’s a great house pet and does fine on his own so doesn’t necessarily need a companion dog as long as his people aren’t gone all day. He enjoys daily walks and needs outlets for energy and mental stimulation just like any awesome pooch.

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Southern California only please

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