You don’t ever have to wonder what Meer is thinking – he’ll tell you everything on his mind with those expressive, soulful eyes and his tail! At just under 14 pounds, he’s the perfect portable pooch with excellent car manners. In fact, Meer’s good manners are one of the things we love most about him. He will politely ask for pets, get in line for brushing, and waits until you’ve set down a treat before taking it. So proper!

Meer is 11 years young (and going strong, says our vet!) so he’s had plenty of practice with the basics, like potty training, house manners and meeting new people. He’ll bark occasionally if someone’s at the door but responds quickly to verbal correction. He’ll happily sit on the porch through a thunderstorm but when you say something, he’s all ears.

At bedtime, Meer has his own ritual: Although he’s usually calm and composed, just before bedtime he’ll start pinging around the room, bouncing and spinning for about 90 seconds. And then he requires a few minutes of cuddle time before bed. It’s a crack-up. Bedtime has never been so joyful!

We’d like to see Meer in a home with a private yard – he loves being outside and is used to the majestic outdoors of Colorado, though he’ll settle in his crate when he needs to. He’s an ideal companion for a family with older children if any (teen+) as we feel he’s earned a peaceful retirement. Cats are a no-go for our distinguished gent but a small or medium size canine companion with calm energy would be fine. He can be reactive on leash when large dogs pass – a protective instinct easily managed by an alert, moderately strong leader. While respectful of other dog siblings, he doesn’t require canine company; he’d really rather be with you (or sunbathing outdoors – Meer enjoys the finer things in life!).

Meer’s a gentle love bug waiting to meet his forever family. Is that you? Reach out today!
Southern California only please

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