The DiscoverMe Project™ Welcomes 2 Pups from OCAC!

July 6, 2019

We have some really exciting news to share Our DiscoverMe Project™ OCAC is officially underway today!! YAY! We’re so lucky to work with forward thinking shelters willing to collaborate to save more lives.

We’d like to introduce you to a couple of Orange County cuties – Saul and Badger!

Saul is a 2 year old chi mix who has struggled to find his confidence at the shelter. We love his long legs, blonde fur and handsome smile and look forward to seeing him come out of his shell in his temp 2-week DMP foster home. At 16 lbs, we know this handsome fella will make the perfect lap warmer for the right lap this summer. Stay tuned as we get to know Saul during his time in the DiscoverMe Project™ OC!

Those piercing brown eyes behind the black and white mask belong to Badger, a 5 year old terrier blend. Can’t you just see the intelligence in those orbs! A black adult dog, Badge has been overlooked all month. We hope to help this beautiful boy shine during his time in the DMP so he can find his perfect forever in time to enjoy summer together.

Please join us over the next 2 weeks as we spotlight these OC gents in their temp foster homes. Special thanks to OC Animal Care for allowing us this partnership and opportunity. Also thank you to our temp foster parents who will help these boys shine.

** As with all of our DiscoverMe Project™ Dogs, SAUL and BADGER will return to the Orange County shelter on JULY 20 if an adopter or long term foster isn’t found. For inquiries to adopt or foster one of these boys –

Click here to learn more about the DiscoverMe Project™!

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