DiscoverMe Temporary Foster Project

August 15, 2017

Wagging Dog Rescue has partnered with the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services Carlsbad shelter to create the DiscoverMe Project–a two week temporary foster program aimed at helping shelter dogs find forever homes. Here’s how it works. Amazing volunteers step-up to foster a dog (or two) for two weeks and the rescue does intensive marketing to find them a foster or forever home. There are so many benefits:

  •     – the dogs get a chance to show their true personality outside of the stressful shelter environment,
  •     – foster families take pictures and videos of the dogs in family environments which helps market the dogs,
  •     – severely struggling dogs get to have some focused one-on-one rehab/guidance/decompression in the quiet of a real home, something they can’t truly get at a shelter, and
  •     – potentially find long term fosters thru creative marketing and eliminating some questions that inexperienced fosters/dog owners might have (such as – does she get along with other dogs/cats, is she crate trained, house broken, etc.).

We currently working on our next group of dogs who get to take a ‘vacation’ from the shelter.

We’ve already had many dogs benefit from the program; Monty, Bella, Chorizo, Olive, Natasha, Cece, Pony Boy, DJ, and counting.

Two weeks goes by so quickly! If you’d like to participate in this wonderful program, please fill out a foster application. Once approved, we’ll find out what kind of dog will best fit your family and lifestyle and we’ll locate a dog in need.

Have questions? email Wagging Dog Rescue at

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