Our Sponsors

WDR and the Wagging Dogs are grateful to all of our contributors who aid us financially in our efforts to save lives. We spend lots more on veterinary care for our new rescued dogs than we take in with adoption fees so monetary donations are a defining part of the scope of our work.

Because of the generosity of our supporters, Wagging Dog Rescue is able to rescue dogs with broken and sick bodies requiring meds and surgeries, dogs with special needs requiring ongoing care, and dogs who need behavior modification before they are ready to meet their future families. In special instances, we may also accept a dog into our family as a Forever Foster Dog. These dogs might have a terminal illness or a very special need, making them extremely difficult and/or unadvisable to place. We believe all lives on this earth deserve to know dignity, security and love. Our donors help provide for these lives as well.

We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for being a pillar of support in WDR’s ongoing mission to spread compassion and help orphaned dogs in need.

Our Monthly Sponsors

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Bounce and Family

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The Weiss Family

Our Forever Foster Dogs

Picture of Forever Foster Dog Grampa

Meet Wagging Dog Rescue’s Grampa! This sweet guy is an ancient, deaf, low slung 70 pounder who’s stolen the hearts of everyone he’s met. Like so many dogs who are ‘thrown away’ after a lifetime of loving service, his only flaw is old age and some of the ailments that accrue with years.

Grampa found an amazing foster mom and fur-sister to continue his adventures in life. Because of his ongoing medical needs, he will remain a permanent WDR foster.

Picture of Forever Foster Dog Cinnabun

Say hello to our sweet lil dessert – Cinnabun!! This petite senior lap warmer is comfort-food in dog form – warm, sweet, and only sticky in that she’ll stick with you! In fact, if you can’t find Cinnabun, she’s probably right behind you, gazing adoringly up and wondering what fun places you’ll go together next.

Cinnabun found an amazing foster family. She takes heart meds twice a day to keep her ticker going strong, so she will remain a permanent WDR foster.