Foster Mom Aileen

I foster to save lives.  So many dogs who are amazing, loving and loyal family companions die in our local shelters every day.  Fostering is simply the experience of providing love and guidance to a dog who deserves a second chance.  Each and every dog that comes into your home loves you so much because they know you’ve given them something that most likely no one else has – a safe, warm place to stay.  They blossom in your home and become perfect family pets and then move on.  So many people ask how I can let them go.  It’s not hard to let them go when you see that they have found the family that they were always meant to have, and that happens for all of our Wagging Dogs due to our stringent rehoming process.  Join our team of fosters to have an experience of pure love.

~ Aileen


Aileen’s Foster Dogs ~





Cole ~

Handsome Cole is one lucky dude.  He waited for a while to find his Furever Mom, and boy, are they a perfect match!!  Cole is an only furchild, much loved, and gets to go on fun adventures!

Callie ~

This little momma was almost dumped at a kill shelter with a belly full of unborn pups.  Thankfully the Rescue Lady intercepted that drop off.  Callie had her 5 babies, and now she has a furbulous furever home of her own!

Callie's 5 babies

Callie’s 5 babies



Callie’s Babes ~

Foster Mom Aileen helped Callie whelp her 5 gorgeous pups ~ the LOTR crew 🙂  They are all happily adopted and grown up now, with responsible, loving parents!

Olivia ~

This girl almost lost her life because of a sickness that she didn’t have.  Her Foster Mom decided to take her in anyway, not knowing that the shelter had misdiagnosed, because she knew Olivia needed her.  Now Olivia is happily adopted 🙂

Abby Ricardo (WDR's Lavender)

Abby Ricardo (WDR’s Lavender)

Chloe (WDR's Presley)

Chloe (WDR’s Presley)

Abby Ricardo (WDR’s Lavender) ~

Mountain Dog Extraordinaire!!  Abby is a snow dog now, with a Mom who simply ADORES her!!!  We get updates all the time and it’s SO AWESOME!  Yay Abby girl!

Chloe (WDR’s Presley) ~

Hit by a car and left with a crushed pelvis, this supah sweet girlie is now all fixed up and forever home with her loving parents.  Chloe was hard for her Foster Mom to let go, but let go she did so she could save the other dogs you see here ♥︎

Olive (WDR's Fawn)

Olive (WDR’s Fawn)

The Chug Puppies

The Chug Puppies

Olive (WDR’s Fawn) ~

Another momma!  Tiny Olive whelped 5 Xmas babies too, just like Callie.  Now she too has a great home with great people and a great fur brother!!


Fawn’s Babes ~

Yes, they are even cuter now, if that’s at all possible.  These 4 girlies and 1 boy are all happily adopted with good people!!


Lily (WDR's Lola)

Lily (WDR’s Lola)



Lily (WDR’s Lola) ~

Supermodel Lily is happily in a forever home with a furry brother and wonderful parents.  Wait till you see the two pups together – what a good looking pair!


Lilly ~

Lilly and her sister Grace were a couple of sick, abandoned puppies.  Now Lilly has a big family of two-leggers and enjoys all the attention for herself!!




Oscar (WDR's Fido Eloise)

Oscar (WDR’s Fido Eloise)

Grace ~

Lucky Grace too has a forever home, with pawesome parents and two fur brothers, one of whom is a WDR Alum!


Oscar ~

Cute overload?  Yep!!  This guy was part of a hoarding case.  Now he has a big, supah sweet fursis and the most darling skin siblings ever!!  Oh, and a couple of great parents to boot 🙂





Jack ~

Poor Jack is Poor Jack no more.  This sweet senior was repeatedly abandoned, finally at the golden age of 10-ish.  Nice, huh.  Well, the Rescue Lady scooped him up, got him healthy and placed him with an equally sweet senior forevermore!

Elvis ~

Clown?  Haha, yes he is.  His people are first time dog owners who waited for the right time to add a new family member.  Elvis is an only furchild but he is also a great foster brother to another Wagging Dog!

Chandi Sprinkle

Chandi Sprinkle



Chandi Sprinkle ~

Has a peaceful, perfect life with a loving and devoted Forever Mom 🙂  We all tried to keep Sprinkle without our other halves noticing, but they all said no so that Chandi’s Mom could say YES!!

Declan ~

Yep, this guy was hard for his Foster Mom to give up as well, but she selflessly let him go to a perfectly matched family.  This gorgeous tigery boy has a two skin siblings and gets all the love for himself!

Gabe (WDR's Zero)

Gabe (WDR’s Zero)

Gabe (WDR’s Zero) ~

We love this guy’s Mom SO MUCH!!  Gabe is one spoiled furboy, with a couple of furboy siblings too 🙂  AND one of them is a WDR Alum!!  Yippee!