Is this guy a looker or WHAT??!!

Arlo is our 6 month old, 66 pound PUPPY – yep, our boy seems to be some kind of mastiff mix, possibly Great Dane, with all of a mastiff’s easygoing charm. He’s a lover – of everyone. Arlo loves other dogs, cats and people (but he’s kinda clumsy in a Marmaduke Scooby-ish way and might accidentally, lovingly, knock a small child over).

This gentle giant is fully potty trained, sits on command, and is a born retriever. If you pick up his Jolly Ball, you’re his new best friend, and if you throw it, he’ll love you furever. We’re still working on leash manners, but he’s sweet as pie and does well with correction. He’s just really happy to be out and about!

Arlo loves: His people, his canine foster siblings, his kitties, his older kiddies, his Kongs (even better with a healthy, tasty filling), his Jolly Ball, and his big dog bed!

What we love about Arlo: His charming personality, and his tight lips 😉 (He doesn’t drool, unlike most mastiffs!)

We’d love to see him with an active family, children bigger and older than toppling age if any, and parents who clearly understand giant breed food intake and medical needs. Arlo can’t wait to be part of your family!

If you’d like to meet this incredible boy Arlo, contact us asap!!
Southern California only please

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