Ralphs Community Contributions

Free Ways to Donate to Wagging Dog Rescue

What is the Ralphs Community Contributions Program?

The Ralphs Community Contributions Program is an easy way for Ralphs shoppers who use their rewards card to make money for Wagging Dog Rescue, for FREE!! If you shop at Ralphs you can associate your rewards card with a charity. You can select Wagging Dog Rescue by using our full organization name or our Ralphs NPO # EB829.

We will begin earning the donation almost as soon as you sign-up and select WDR. We’ll get a check each quarter from Ralphs!!

Ralphs wants to make sure their customers are engaged with the program so you will need to re-select us each September.

Visit Ralphs online and choose Wagging Dog Rescue.

Ralphs Logo for the Community Contributions Program
Other Free Ways to Donate