Free Ways to Donate to Wagging Dog Rescue

November 25, 2017

Wagging Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer rescue in Southern California and we rely solely on donations to help rescue dogs and animals in need. We understand that sometimes you want to help but you can’t always donate money. Did you know there are numerous FREE ways you can donate to Wagging Dog Rescue?

The following companies all support charitable contributions in different ways. For some you can earn donations where you already eat or shop. Others are new and convenient ways to pay at your favorite stores. You can sell merchandise or just go for a walk and earn much needed money for Wagging Dog Rescue.

Please check out all the free ways you can financially contribute to our foster dogs! As always, we appreciate your support!

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Check out the new Bubbies-Babies book Celebrating Differences this weekend at the Encinitas Street Fair. Author Giovanni Brooks is donating $2 for every book sold at the fair and books only cost $10.

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Come meet Grampa, Sharkey, Cinnabun, Koa and more adoptable rescue dogs from Wagging Dog Rescue this Saturday, November 18th at Coffee & Cars with Pelican Parts. We’ve been invited to join the fun and hope you will too. There will be a silent auction benefiting our rescue efforts, great cars, and more! See you at the Promenade on the Peninsula in Palos Verdes.

DiscoverMe Temporary Foster Project

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